Demanding times? Demand Peace.

Stress, "Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress can either be a positive or negative experience; however, most people are negatively-affected. If stress goes untreated or is not released, the toxins built up in the body will create sickness and disease. In a severe case, stress can lead to a complete breakdown requiring in-hospital treatment. Learning to be grounded and balanced helps you to work and live stress-free despite the demands in your life."

Hello beautiful people!

I was one of those who clawed their way back from a nervous breakdown. I had to re-establish relationships with my children (two grown one still at home), my friends, my extended family. My break was used against me by the person I trusted most in the universe (adding more stress from betrayal) so I crawled out of that pit by myself but never alone. The Spirit was there reminding me that I am free to dance,

I am free to sing, I have freedom from stress! That was a very hard reminder to believe while alone in a pit with zero light and seemed to not have an exit. Now, I am free and I want to help others feel that freedom as well. It is POSSIBLE !

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