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Where people learn to live

Visit with us at Blossom, a  where people learn to love living, especially when it hurts. If you are reeling from dramatic changes in your life's trajectory, if you have a pressing situation and you want some guidance, if you are struggling with what to do next or what to do now, Blossom is where you need to be. Blossom is a unique approach to guidance and well...help. We are a little bit retreat center, a bit of spirit led guidance , a peaceful meditation location, and more than enough acceptance, love, and welcome for all.

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Hi, I'm Meegan and I started Blossom  to utilize my spiritual gifts and my beautiful property to help others. The isolation we are experiencing can be altered. Lets learn to love living again. Be bold, take chances, be kind to ourselves, solve some mysteries of our personality and relationships... whatever is pressing on you or that thing you want to meet with wide-eyed discovery, Blossom is where you need to be

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